Monday, January 5, 2009

The First Week Back

It's the first week back after the winter holiday and everyone is in high gear. Christina Lake '06 is here working until she goes back to school next week. We have a big yearbook deadline today, the high school freshmen are invited for their annual lunch from 1-3 on Friday (the 9th) and I leave for Denver on Saturday to attend (and speak at) the annual CASE/NAIS conference...on alumni programs for elementary/middle schools...what else? I've got my power points ready, but need to practice! Brandon Bagwell '12 came by to visit this morning. He's got a flight out at 10:30 to go back to school in Connecticut. AND the Cafe' has their new salad bar set up today...can't wait to try it! High school and college alums who want to join the freshmen for lunch on Friday are welcome...Mrs. Kelly and Mrs. Danette are fixing for a crowd.